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Important Facts to Know About the New Wisconsin Driver’s License

By Keith Stachowiak on September 23, 2015 // Leave a Comment

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the headlines this week, you have likely seen the announcement that the State of Wisconsin has started issuing new Wisconsin driver’s licenses. At Murphy & Prachthauser, we believe in being good personal injury lawyers and Milwaukee auto accident attorneys who help people, stay informed. We want to make sure you understand what these new changes mean for you.

 Here are all of the things you need to know about this new Wisconsin Department of Transportation initiative.

 Why Do Wisconsin Drivers Need A New Driver’s License?

The newly issued licenses have been designed to help prevent and deter fraud and identity theft. Here are just a few of the new design features:

  • Constructed of layers of stiff polycarbonate, making it difficult to be tampered with.
  • Laser engraved photos.
  • Intricate artwork in ultraviolet ink.
  • Raised signature and other dated items, which make it difficult to copy.
    (Journal Sentinel)

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), the new licenses will be the most secure in the United States. Thanks to advancing technology, the new cards will provide increased security and will be the new standard for driver’s licenses nationwide.

What Does This Mean For You?

In the state of Wisconsin, driver’s licenses are good for eight years, so there is no need to go to your local DMV to get a new license until your current license is set to expire. The cost of the newly designed license will not change. It will still cost you $35 dollars to replace or be issued a new driver’s license.

Do you have any questions about this new initiative? Learn more about how to apply for a driver’s license.

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