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Making A Difference - Doors Open Milwaukee #GiveBackMKE

Many of us have admired the many interesting buildings of our city from afar, but are there certain spots that you have always wanted to explore in greater depth? Have you ever wondered what went into creating the Basilica of St. Josephat? Or, perhaps you want a look inside of the less-known Frank...

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Milwaukee Car Accident Lawyer Explains What To Do After A Car Accident

Whether you are injured in a fender-bender at the end of your street or a multi-vehicle car crash, there are likely many things running through you mind following a car accident.

From personal injury and safety to getting the right information at the scene of the accident, you may feel...

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The Pokemon Go Effect: What’s Legal and What’s Not

The Pokemon Go phenomenon is taking over the nation, in parks, streets, private property and unfortunately, even near roadways.

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Who is at Fault? Liability and Carelessness in Car Accident Lawsuits

Picture this … you are involved in a car crash and the other driver was texting and driving. Or weather conditions were hazardous and you were hit by another vehicle traveling at an unsafe speed in the opposite direction. 

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How To Find The Best Car Accident Lawyer In Milwaukee

It’s a normal day, and you are driving home from work, or maybe on your way to meet friends and family for a special event. Suddenly, everything changes — you are in a car accident and you are injured.

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Wisconsin State Fair Family-Friendly Stops

The Wisconsin State Fair is up and running and there are some great, family friendly exhibits and safety initiatives you may not be aware of.

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Back to School Legal Tips and Safety Tips for Bike and Car Owners

With summer coming to an end and fall approaching, many of us have loved ones who are getting ready to go away to college for the first time. This can be an exciting time full of new experiences, but don’t let the fun and new friends distract you to the point of accidentally putting yourself in danger.

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Fore! Are You Responsible for Injuring Another Golfer with a Shot?

I have frequently been asked if a golfer who hits a shot that strikes another golfer is responsible for injuries.

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Wisconsin State Fair 2016: Best Food & Attractions PLUS How To Spend Nothing on Parking

The 2016 Wisconsin State Fair will be in Milwaukee on August 4-14. Today, we will explore two of the most fun aspects of the State Fair: the food and the entertainment. As Milwaukee car accident lawyers, we will also share ideas for making one of the most difficult parts of Fair attendance (parking) a...

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