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v. General Casualty Company

Settled for $315,000.  An East Troy man was pinned between a runaway forklift and his van while picking up an appliance at a big box store.  He suffered soft tissue injuries.

v. Adell Corp

$360,000 settlement to Sheboygan man who needed spinal surgery when he slipped and fell on ice which formed on parking lot due to an inadequate water drainage system.

v. Germantown Mutual Insurance Company

A UPS driver slipped and fell on ice while delivering a package to a residence.  Improper maintenance at residence allowed ice to form on driveway.  Settled for $500,000

v. Travelers Property Casualty Company

Settlement of $500,000 to a Fond du Lac man who received a brain injury and severe fractures in a 40-foot fall at a construction site.

v. Chrysler Corporation

Finger amputation. Settlement of $500,000.

v. Empire Fire & Marine Insurance Company

A mother and her son were injured when a semi-truck trailer rolled over at night across the freeway, and they struck the truck’s undercarriage head on resulting in orthopedic injuries. Settled for $655,000.

v. Kearney & Trecker

Product liability case over a defective assembly line design and manufacture. Trial and jury verdict of $657,000 for leg injuries.

v. Chrysler. Rock County

Burn injuries following fuel fed fire on Chrysler/AMC vehicle. Settled for $776,000 following jury trial.

v. Roselle. Outagamie County

Fall on construction site. Settlement of $900,000.

v. First Mercury Insurance Company

A worker at a paint manufacturing company was burned when a static spark ignited flammable paint ingredients.  The manufacturer of the paint ingredients didn’t provide the materials in static-free bags.  Settled for $900,000.

v. Travelers Insurance

A UW-Milwaukee student while walking her dog on a bike path was struck by a bicyclist knocking her down.  Plaintiff suffered a closed head injury.  Settled for $925,000.

v. Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance Company

$975,000 settlement. A construction worker suffered severe injuries when concrete forms fell on him at a construction site.

v. Selective Insurance

A Waukesha woman driving her motorcycle was struck by a landscaping truck and trailer as it made a left-hand turn in front of her resulting in closed head injuries and orthopedic injuries.  Settled for $1 million.

v. Milwaukee Solvents. Milwaukee County

Burn injuries following explosion of hexane supplied by the defendant. Failure to warn product liability case. Settled for $1 million.

v. Wisconsin Patient Compensation Fund. Milwaukee County

Verdict in the amount of $1.2 million, failure to diagnose cancerous tumor.

v. Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Milwaukee County

Brain injury. Trial and jury verdict of $1.4 million.

v. New Flyer

$1.4 million settlement to bus mechanic for injuries sustained when a bus seat prop rod failed causing seat to fall on his head resulting in non-paralyzing neck fracture and shoulder rotator cuff tear.

v. Safway Steel Products

$1.4 million settlement.  A painter for the Milwaukee Public Schools was injured when he fell 17 feet off of an unguarded scaffolding system while painting the ceiling of an auditorium.  Plaintiff had his right leg amputated.

v. Ferris Industries. Milwaukee County

Product liability case. Arm injuries, settled for $1.5 million.

v. J.D. Griffiths. Milwaukee County

Knee injury following a trip and fall on construction debris left lying around by the defendant. Jury verdict of $1.6 million.

v. Zimmerman. Milwaukee County

Exposure to pigeon droppings at warehouse leads to Blastomycosis. Trial and verdict of $1.45 million.

v. Wal-Mart, U.S. District Court for Nevada

$11.4 million award for injured Air Force member, who suffered brain injuries due to falling merchandise at a Las Vegas Wal-Mart Store.

v. Catholic Mutual and Archdiocese of Milwaukee

$16.8 million award for auto accident case resulting in quadriplegia, verdict affirmed on appeal.

v. General Motors. U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California

Jury trial, verdict of $13 million, reduced to $8 million for contributory negligence, due to defective roof system on GM pickup truck.

v. Chrysler. Dane County Circuit Court

Jury trial, $5 million settlement reached while jury deliberated, due to defective roof system on Chrysler vehicle.

v. Almet-Lawnlite. Shawano County

Settlement of $4.7 reached on the day of trial in this product liability case involving the collapse of a lawn chair which caused the paralysis of the plaintiff.

v. WBMI Company

Jury verdict and settlement of $3,812,500 to a siding contractor when a porch roof collapsed on him at a construction site crushing his pelvis.

v. Physicians Insurance Company. Milwaukee County

Verdict of $3.2 million, based on the failure of a physician to diagnose a cancerous tumor.

v. Oconomowoc Lake Club. Milwaukee County

Verdict of $2.8 million based on fireworks accident that injured the ankle of the claimant. Affirmed on appeal.

v. Crown Controls. Milwaukee County

Jury verdict of $2.5 million in this product liability case involving a forklift found to be defectively designed because it did not have a door or other barrier to keep the operator inside the vehicle in the event of a tip over. Operator sustained leg injuires. Opinion on Appeal.

v. U.S. Fire Insurance Co. Milwaukee County

Vehicle accident results in Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. Jury verdict of $2.3 million.

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