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Bay View Bicycle Club Classic Ride

Murphy & Prachthauser, SC, was a sponsor of the recent Bay View Bicycle Club Classic bike ride. The ride attracted 465 entrants, who rode between 15 and 100 miles. Proceeds from the ride will go to promoting cycling in Wisconsin and to various charities.

There was a wide variety of participants, from the racers starting early on the 100 mile routes, and families with young children opting for later starts and shorter rides.

The Bay View Bike Club provided the cue sheets (aka maps) and rest stops on the various loops that provided fluids, snacks, and home baked goodies. Bay view SAG wagons patrolled the routes for break downs and flat tires. Routes were painted on the roads, and signs designated turns on the route. Sentry’s were stationed at intersections to make sure riders followed the correct routes.

This type of ride is excellent for riders who are beginning to get into biking. The roads were selected to avoid vehicular traffic, and help is only minutes away if needed. Murphy & Prachthauser was proud to be a sponsor of this ride.