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Milwaukee-personal-injury-information.pngMilwaukee Personal Injury Lawyers

The most common liability cases our personal injury lawyers in Milwaukee, Waukesha and Mequon work on involve vehicle accidents, such as auto accidents, truck accidents, or motorcycle accidents. The second most common type involve slip falls or trip and falls. A close third would be bicycle accidents or pedestrian accidents, or something that involves transportation but no motorized vehicle.

There are a wide variety of cases that do not neatly fit into any specific category. We refer to liability cases as ordinary negligence cases.

Negligence and "Ordinary Care"

Generally, every person has a responsibility to act with “ordinary care.” Ordinary care is defined as the care which a reasonable person would use in similar circumstances. If a person is not using ordinary care, that person is considered negligent. Another way of stating this “ordinary care” test is that if a person, without intending to do any harm, does something or fails to do something that a reasonable person would recognize as creating an unreasonable risk of injury or danger to another.

If failure to exercise ordinary care causes injury

to someone else, the person who failed to use reasonable

care can be held liable for damages.

Expert Personal Injury Case Specialities:

Our personal injury lawyers have areas of expertise that can be of benefit to you and your case. These include:

Examples of “Ordinary Care” Cases our Personal Injury Attorneys Handle Include:

  • Dram Shop cases, where liquor has been provided to an underage drinker, who in turn has caused injury to another person
  • Lung damage from exposure to chemicals
  • Playground injury from failure to supervise
  • Transport company failing to secure a wheelchair passenger
  • Foreign object in food fractures tooth
  • Automatic door causing injury
  • Loading dock collapse injury
  • Falling objects injury to store patron
  • Down wires causing electrical shock
  • Tae Kwon Do exhibition injury
  • Gas line leak causing explosion and burns
  • Failure to provide security by a business or school, resulting in injury to customer
  • Bedbug bites
  • Injury caused by overzealous tavern bouncer
  • Injury caused by elevators failing to level properly
  • Bicycle – pedestrian collisions
  • Water Park Accidents and Injuries

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