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See who's already helping to #GiveBackMKE

What Do You Love About Milwaukee?

How Murphy & Prachthauser #GivesBackMKE

Our team at Murphy & Prachthauser believes in the importance of giving back to the communities we serve.

We have decided to take a different approach to our charitable giving, with a focus on building community engagement.

Through #GiveBackMKE, we hope to shine a light on the amazing work everyday people, local organizations and community charities are doing to help foster both compassion and generosity around Milwaukee.

See how #GiveBackMKE got started, click here.


Suggestions on how you can #GiveBackMKE

  • Donate food to your local food pantry
  • Say hello to everyone you meet today
  • Volunteer at a local event
  • Donate clothes or gently used items
  • Pick up garbage in your local park
  • Hold the door open for those walking behind you
  • Help someone with their groceries at the market
  • Help serve food at a local meal program

Looking for a worthy organization to support?

Here are just a few that would welcome your help!
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee
  • Best Buddies Wisconsin
  • Lighthouse Youth Center, Milwaukee
  • Hunger Task Force
  • Wisconsin Humane Society
  • Life Navigators
  • Milwaukee Rescue Mission
  • Salvation Army, Milwaukee

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