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See who's already helping to #GiveBackMKE

Milwaukee needs YOU...

Why you love Milwaukee and what can you do to give back? Just say THANK YOU!

A 'Thank You' .... Goes A Long Way.

Get inspired. Inspire others. Just say THANK YOU!

We want YOU to give a shout out to people, charities and organizations who are doing a GREAT job of giving back in Milwaukee! Give them a pat on the back, show them you appreciate their hard work and help get the word out about all of the good deeds that happen everyday around our great city.

Sharing a good deed …  will inspire more good deeds!

It easy to join in and #GiveBackMKE when you see it happening all around you.

You love Milwaukee. We love Milwaukee. Help us spread kindness with #GiveBackMKE.

Say THANK YOU to someone now

Get Started


Pick a friend, family member, charity or organization who is spreading love and kindness in Milwaukee! Snap a picture or video of them in action or of how they’ve inspired you to give back! It can be a casserole delivery, a park clean-up or a donation! Kindness is all around us!

Share GiveBackMKE


Give them a shout out on our Facebook page! Say THANK YOU for inspiring me and others to #GiveBackMKE on our Facebook page with the hashtag #GiveBackMKE. Share the details of their awesome work and say THANK YOU to help encourage others to get involved.

Inspire others to give back


Nominate one of your Facebook friends to do the same -- ask them to say THANK YOU to someone, too! Help spread awareness about all the good deeds happening all around Milwaukee! 

Suggestions on how you can #GiveBackMKE

  • Donate food to your local food pantry
  • Say hello to everyone you meet today
  • Volunteer at a local event
  • Donate clothes or gently used items
  • Pick up garbage in your local park
  • Hold the door open for those walking behind you
  • Help someone with their groceries at the market
  • Help serve food at a local meal program

Looking for a worthy organization to support?

Here are just a few that would welcome your help!
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee
  • Best Buddies Wisconsin
  • Lighthouse Youth Center, Milwaukee
  • Hunger Task Force
  • Wisconsin Humane Society
  • Life Navigators
  • Milwaukee Rescue Mission
  • Salvation Army, Milwaukee

How Murphy & Prachthauser #GivesBack

Our team at Murphy & Prachthauser believes in the importance of giving back to the communities we serve.

We have decided to take a different approach to our charitable giving, with a focus on building community engagement.

Through #GiveBackMKE, we hope to shine a light on the amazing work everyday people, local organizations and community charities are doing to help foster both compassion and generosity around Milwaukee.

See how #GiveBackMKE got started, click here.


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