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Is a Dog Sitter Liable if a Dog Bites?

I am watching my child’s dog, at his request, at my home. The dog bit a furnace repair person. Am I responsible for the tradesman’s injuries since I don’t own the dog?

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Truvada TDF Drug Lawsuit: What You Need To Know

Gilead Science, Inc. may have been aware Truvada, its HIV drug containing tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF), could cause serious side effects but withheld a safer version of the drug until the patent for its TDF drug expired.

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Exactech Knee and Ankle Implant Recall Lawsuit: What You Need to Know

Joint pain can negatively impact a person's life, causing severe physical and mental stress. Joint replacement surgeries are a great option for many to help increase quality of life and reduce symptoms of painful joints.

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Does Zantac Cause Cancer? Important Facts About Ranitidine and NDMA

Heartburn is incredibly prevalent, with more than 60 million Americans experiencing painful symptoms at least once a month. Whether it is caused by an unusual meal, pregnancy, or stress, heartburn can be incredibly uncomfortable, so most sufferers reach for medication to relieve it.

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Philips CPAP Recall Lawsuit: What You Need to Know

Sleep apnea is an extremely common condition, with close to a quarter of Americans over 30 struggling with breathing while sleeping. When your breathing is shallow or even temporarily stops at night, you can experience health problems ranging from simple fatigue to high blood pressure, heart disease,...

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The Dangers of Paraquat: Should You File a Paraquat Lawsuit?

Paraquat has been used for many years by Wisconsin farmers to control weeds and grasses. But what are the dangers of using this powerful herbicide and do you have grounds for a paraquat lawsuit?

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Semi-Truck Accident Case: How to Determine Negligence

On average, semi-trucks traveling throughout Wisconsin are involved in nearly 6,000 crashes each year, many of which have created lifelong injuries and fatal tragedies to others. And although tractor-trailer operators must be licensed, undergo extensive training, and drive according to the "rules of the...

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What Is My Case Worth?

“What do you think my case is worth?”    

When a client first meets with their personal injury lawyer, this is one of the questions that is often asked. It is a very important consideration because money is the way that people who are injured due to the negligence of others are typically compensated....

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Do Insurance Companies Investigate Injury Claims?

Have you filed a personal injury claim against your place of employment, a business or an individual? Whether your injury came from a car accident, slip and fall, or any other negligent act, it is important to understand that an insurance investigation will occur. So what does an insurance company do...

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