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Top Wisconsin Car Accident Verdict and Settlement Statistics

By Keith Stachowiak on January 24, 2017 // Leave a Comment

page-motorcycle-accidentIf you have been involved in a car accident, truck accident or if you have been injured in an accident, you might be interested to know what the top Wisconsin car accident verdicts and settlements.

Recently, I compiled some interesting statistics for one of our cases; the highest vehicle accident verdicts and settlements in Wisconsin over the past decade. The information was provided by the Wisconsin Verdict and Settlement Reporter, and contains only amounts over $1 million.

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6/10/05 Vehicle Accident 9,375,000
Severe brain injury after collision between semi and his vehicle.

10/30/09 Vehicle Accident 6,900,000
Multiple plaintiffs killed/injured in a car/truck accident.

6/4/10 Vehicle Accident 6,000,000
41-year-old female suffers right ankle fracture, herniation of stomach and colon. Bilateral collapsed lungs, brain hemorrhage, cervical spine dislocation with bleeding into cervical spinal cord, ligament and nerve damage.

3/14/08 Vehicle Accident 5,200,000
10 year old has severely injured left extremities making walking difficult. Also has cognitive damage.

2/1/03 Vehicle Accident 4,600,000
Actually involves a boat struck by another boat and sunk. Circumstantial evidence points to BP Amoco boat as the striking vehicle. Wrongful death case results in these settlements.

7/1/04 Vehicle Accident 4,300,000
Wrongful death case. Accident happened in Illinois so wrongful death law of Illinois applied.

2/26/10 Vehicle Accident 3,142,588
Multiple orthopaedic fractures throughout her body, punctured lungs.

9/1/04 Vehicle Accident 3,050,000
Loss of leg due to inattentive driver.

11/1/04 Vehicle Accident 2,500,000
Forks of a forklift ran through door of plaintiff's vehicle causing numerous internal injuries to the occupant of the vehicle.

9/18/09 Vehicle Accident 2,471,513
Degloving injuries to right foot. Bilateral heel fractures, Fracture of right tibia, fibula and femur.

12/1/01 Vehicle Accident 2,435,398
Complex regional pain syndrome in 32 year old following vehicle accident with bus.

3/27/09 Vehicle Accident 2,200,000
Below the knee amputation.

7/1/04 Vehicle Accident 1,854,222
Gravel truck rolls over, crushing car of pregnant mother.

10/2/07 Vehicle Accident 1,657,173
Numerous orthopaedic injuries. Permanent loss of smell and taste.

6/19/08 Vehicle Accident 1,565,314
Permanent brain damage.

9/11/09 Vehicle Accident 1,558,140
Orthopaedic injuries to leg and hip.

12/24/09 Vehicle Accident 1,510,000
Orthopaedic injuries to wrist, knee, ankle and PTSD.

3/27/09 Vehicle Accident 1,500,000 (Approx.)
Injuries to two people in auto accident.

2/26/10 Vehicle Accident 1,500,000
Wrongful death case. 24 year-old.

6/1/04 Vehicle Accident 1,421,194
Brain damage and orthopaedic injuries.

2/15/01 Vehicle Accident 1,371,532
Various orthopaedic injuries from a motorcycle accident.

9/18/09 Vehicle Accident 1,350,000
Multiple orthopedic injuries.

9/1/04 Vehicle Accident 1,312,500
Death of elderly woman following vehicle crash.

6/1/01 Vehicle Accident 1,250,000
Traumatic amputation of arm above the elbow.

2/1/04 Vehicle Accident 1,250,000
Orthopaedic injuries. Knee and shoulder.

10/1/04 Vehicle Accident 1,250,000
Cervical injury to husband and wife.

12/1/01 Vehicle Accident 1,200,000
Wrongful death. 42 year old.

6/23/06 Vehicle Accident 1,200,000
Orthopaedic injuries. Closed head injuries. Cognitive disabilities.

3/14/08 Vehicle Accident 1,200,000
Numerous orthopaedic injuries to leg, both hips, both wrists, ribs, sternum, vertebrae, collar bone and left shoulder.

4/20/07 Vehicle Accident 1,190,000
Permanent psychological damages.

2/24/09 Vehicle Accident 1,150,000
Numerous orthopaedic injuries.

10/2/07 Vehicle Accident (Rollover) 1,147,000
Serious injury to right arm above elbow. Various orthopaedic injuries including fracture pelvis.

2/24/09 Vehicle Accident 1,145,000
Exacerbation of back and neck injuries from a rear end auto accident.

8/1/01 Vehicle Accident 1,136,948
Various orthopaedic injuries. Injuries to sciatic nerve, herniated vertebral disks.

4/18/08 Vehicle Accident 1,078,981
Orthopaedic injuries to legs.

6/10/05 Vehicle Accident 1,028,500
Policy limits case. Wrongful death of 3 individuals.

5/1/01 Vehicle Accident 1,025,000
Wrongful death of husband and wife.

11/1/04 Vehicle Accident 1,021,364
Orthopaedic injuries with nerve damage to back.

6/22/07 Vehicle Accident 1,000,000
Wrongful death case.

1/1/01 Vehicle Accident 1,000,000
Burns over 90% of body.

11/20/07 Vehicle Accident 1,000,000
Fractured hip/leg. Aggravation of dementia.

6/19/08 Vehicle Accident 1,000,000
Multiple plaintiffs injured on school bus. Policy limits allocated.

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