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Highest Wisconsin Product Liability Verdicts

By Keith Stachowiak on November 18, 2010 // Leave a Comment

I compiled some interesting statistics for one of our cases, the highest product liability verdicts and settlements in Wisconsin over the past decade. The information was provided by the Wisconsin Verdict and Settlement Reporter, and contains only amounts over $1 million.

11/14/08 Product Liability 13,538,525
Wrongful death of 3 year old from food poisoning

2/26/10 Product Liability 5,500,000

10/1/01 Product Liability 5,486,281
Arising out of a farm implement accident.

1/15/01 Product Liability 3,615,000
Mesothelioma. Death.

2/1/01 Product Liability 3,285,000
Asbestos/wrongful death case

10/2/07 Product Liability 2,300,000
Incomplete paraplegia

5/1/01 Product Liability 2,131,718
2 fingers of left hand amputated and 2 others damaged. Case again manufacturer of the saw being used to cut meat in a restaurant.

6/23/06 Product Liability 1,824,328
Alleged defective infant carrier. Case against manufacturer. Child ejected when he was belted in a carrier. Cognitive injuries.

11/20/07 Product Liability 1,400,000
Neck injury

8/6/08 Product Liability 1,400,000
Loss of hand and part of forearm

5/8/09 Product Liability 1,133,000

10/1/00 Product Liability 1,114,500
Suit against the manufacturer of a truck washing solution. Various neurologic condition caused by exposure to chemical.

5/1/01 Product Liability 1,100,000
Loss of finger due to defective manual lifting device by a construction worker.

2/1/00 Product Liability 1,050,000
Stray voltage case. Loss of income.

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