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Making A Difference - Love WI Project #GiveBackMKE

By Michelle Hockers on July 21, 2016 // Leave a Comment

MP_GivingBack_blog.jpgIf all identifying signs were removed and all maps were gone, could you tell that you were on a Wisconsin street? How would you be able to know? Would the food, drinks and restaurants give it away? The people? The landscape?

What makes a place unique is simultaneously complex and simple, but Love Wisconsin is tackling the task of defining our home state.

As part of our #GiveBackMKE campaign, each month we will highlight one great business, group or individual who is really making a difference in Milwaukee and the surrounding communities. Please help us in our mission to spread with word by liking, sharing and posting with the hashtag #GiveBackMKE.

Love Wisconsin Project:

The founders of Love Wisconsin are working to create  “a big, collective portrait of Wisconsin by traveling around and talking to people about their lives.” They share the stories they collect, inviting everyone “to huddle around a social-media campfire,” and share their own thoughts and experiences to create a conversation about everything that makes Wisconsin a unique place to be. It’s a home state website similar to Humans of New York, sharing the stories of Wisconsin residents as they help local food pantries, work as first generation farmers, and strive to be community leaders while growing up in two different cultures.


The stories are categorized into several groups:

  •  #WiscoStyle explores Wisconsin’s “quirks and culture,” from supper clubs to sports.
  • Wish for WI is “a series that explores what it means to be a Wisconsinite, through the eyes of children. We talk to them about their experiences growing up here, and what they want for their future.”
  • Wisconsin Portraits is a video series that illustrates the interests and activities of a single resident.

Interesting Wisconsin Facts:

350+ = Number of Supper Clubs in Wisconsin



1919 = Year That the Green Bay Packers Were Formed



209 Acres = Average size of a Wisconsin Farm


Some of the anecdotes, events and traditions that Love Wisconsin chooses to focus on may seem small, but collectively, they provide an important piece of cultural preservation. It is challenging to accurately capture a place that has so many discrete and diverse parts, but Love Wisconsin is doing a great job!

What makes Wisconsin special to you? Are there people, places, or things in our state that have shaped your life in significant ways? Join Love WI to hear more stories from others, or submit your story today! Don't forget to tag #GiveBackMKE!

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