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Making A Difference - Doors Open Milwaukee #GiveBackMKE

By Keith Stachowiak on August 23, 2016 // Leave a Comment

MP_blog_milwaukee-photo.jpgMany of us have admired the many interesting buildings of our city from afar, but are there certain spots that you have always wanted to explore in greater depth? Have you ever wondered what went into creating the Basilica of St. Josephat? Or, perhaps you want a look inside of the less-known Frank Lloyd Wright American System-Built Homes on Burnham Street.

This fall, Doors Open Milwaukee gives you to the chance to explore some of the most interesting spots in our city, from historic to contemporary.

As part of our #GiveBackMKE campaign, each month we will highlight one great business, group or individual who is really making a difference in Milwaukee and the surrounding communities. Please help us in our mission to spread with word by liking, sharing and posting with the hashtag #GiveBackMKE.

Doors Open Milwaukee 2016

Doors Open Milwaukee is a two-day event hosted by Historic Milwaukee every September. Historic Milwaukee is a "non-profit organization dedicated to increasing awareness of and commitment to Milwaukee’s history, architecture, and the preservation of our built environment through education and advocacy.”

On these two days, everyone can get closer to Milwaukee’s art, architecture, culture and history. In 2016, over 150 fascinating buildings will be open to the public for tours and more, all free of charge. These churches, theatres, museums, hotels and more are all locations with historic, architectural, cultural or commercial significance. Together, they tell the story of our city.

Ready to Open Your Mind to Milwaukee’s Fascinating Stories?

Here are four ways that you can enjoy the opportunities offered by Doors Open Milwaukee:

  1. Choose your own adventure: Over 150 buildings will be open for tours. Find your favorites, or take the time to check out a new neighborhood by putting together your own itinerary  – no ticket required.

  2. Take a tour: Did you know that Milwaukee was once home to the country’s first free-standing cocktail lounge, or that what we now know at the Rave was once the grandest Eagle’s club in the United States? Hear these fascinating stories and many more with tour options that focus on specific buildings, neighborhood, photography or food and drinks. Advanced ticket may be required for tours.

  3. Listen to your neighbors: Hear Milwaukee storytellers perform on Saturday September 17th when Ex Fabula and Historic Milwaukee present a Milwaukee neighborhood inspired StorySlam.

  4. Sign up to volunteer: With over 150 buildings, Doors Open Milwaukee counts on over 1,200 volunteers to offer an amazing event like this at no cost. Volunteers will be expected to greet and inform visitors and track attendance. You will typically need to work only one four-hour shift, allowing you plenty of time to be a visitor yourself at other sites.
What buildings are you most excited to explore during Doors Open Milwaukee 2016? 

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