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Exactech Knee and Ankle Implant Recall Lawsuit: What You Need to Know

By Keith Stachowiak on April 20, 2022 // Leave a Comment

Knee and Ankle Implant RecallJoint pain can negatively impact a person's life, causing severe physical and mental stress. Joint replacement surgeries are a great option for many to help increase quality of life and reduce symptoms of painful joints.

But what happens when the implant you put your faith into only leads to more pain, bone loss, inflammation and swelling in the joint area?

Do you have an Exactech implant and are experiencing pain at the implant location? Has your doctor recently sent you a letter informing you of an Exactech implant recall affecting people across the United States? If so, contact Murphy & Prachthauser today to learn about your legal rights and options.

The Problem with Exactech Knee and Ankle Implants

Exactech is a global medical device company headquartered in Gainesville, Florida, specializing in surgical implant systems for joint replacement surgeries.

In August 2021, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a Class II medical device recall on all Exactech knee implants made after 2004. In February 2022, this recall was expanded to include all Exactech knee and ankle implants, totaling 147,732 implants that were distributed to clinics and hospitals.

The recall was issued after discovering the implants were incorrectly packaged by Exactech, allowing them to be vulnerable to oxygen exposure, leading to oxidation of the material.

Oxidation severely degrades the mechanical properties of the plastic, causing the implants to prematurely fail due to implant loosening or fracture.

Side Effects of Exactech Implant Failures

Patients have documented a variety of serious health concerns due to the faulty Exactech implants, including:

  • Inability to bear weight
  • Swelling
  • Bone loss and degeneration
  • New or worsening pain
  • Clicking, grinding or popping at device location
  • Dislocation

These issues may result in the need for corrective revision surgery, which is both costly and can lead to further health issues and surgical complications. It can also be extremely disheartening; an implant is meant to improve life and not cause further pain, distress and financial burden.

Exactech Implant Recall

The following Exactech implant models are included in the knee and ankle implant recall:

Knee implant models include:

Exactech Optetrak®:

  • Optetrak® All-polyethylene CR Tibial Components
  • Optetrak® All-polyethylene PS Tibial Components
  • Optetrak® CR Tibial Inserts
  • Optetrak® CR Slope Tibial Inserts
  • Optetrak® PS Tibial Inserts
  • Optetrak® HI-FLEX® PS Tibial Inserts

Exactech Optetrak Logic®:

  • Optetrak Logic® CR Tibial Inserts
  • Optetrak Logic® CR Slope Tibial Inserts
  • Optetrak Logic® CRC Tibial Inserts
  • Optetrak Logic® PS Tibial Inserts
  • Optetrak Logic® PSC Tibial Inserts
  • Optetrak Logic® CC Tibial Inserts

Exactech Truliant®:

  • Truliant® CR Tibial Inserts
  • Truliant® CR Slope Tibial Inserts
  • Truliant® CRC Tibial Inserts
  • Truliant® PS Tibial Inserts
  • Truliant® PSC Tibial Inserts

Ankle implant models include:

Exactech Vantage®:

  • Vantage® Fixed-Bearing Liner Component

Details of the Exactech Implant Recall Lawsuit

Exactech Knee and Ankle ImplantsThe Exactech implant recall has resulted in numerous lawsuits with allegations against the manufacturer. Plaintiffs who claim they have suffered from pain and distress related to the faulty implants are suing on product liability and negligence grounds, stating that Exactech:

  • Placed company profits before the safety of consumers and the general public.
  • Knew about the defects associated with their knee implant products long before the recall announcement, yet failed to investigate the cause of the premature failures.
  • Failed to warn both consumers and surgeons regarding the oxidation, wear and degradation of the implant components.
  • Negligently continued to sell defective knee replacement products, while concealing important information from consumers and regulators.

Pursuing legal action with the aid of an experienced defective product lawyer not only raises safety standards for the medical community, but it can also provide you with a settlement amount that can help cover:

  • Medical treatments and expenses needed due to the faulty implant
  • Lost wages and earnings resulting from lost time due to the faulty implant
  • Reconstructive and corrective implant surgery
  • Punitive damages intended to punish Exactech for putting profit over customer safety
  • Costs associated with the emotional and physical pain the faulty implant caused the victim

What Should Patients with Implanted Exactech Knee and Ankle Devices Do Now?

If you are a patient with an implanted Exactech knee or ankle device, you should first go to your doctor and get the help and care you need. You and your doctor can then work together to obtain your device serial number to confirm whether or not your implant is included in the recall.

If your device was non-conforming and you are experiencing pain or have already undergone reconstructive surgery to correct any issues, contact your local, trusted personal injury attorney to discuss your options for filing a lawsuit.

Why You Need An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

An experienced personal injury lawyer knows how to manage complicated negligence cases and mass tort claim with expertise. The litigation experts at Murphy & Prachthauser can talk with you about your concerns and help ensure you have the resources and information you need to make an informed, educated decision about your legal options.

If you or a loved one has an Exactech implant, request a free consultation with one of our lawyers today, and we can get you the information and help you need.

Murphy & Prachthauser cares about your wellbeing, which is why you will never be charged to discuss any potential case you may have. We have been helping our Wisconsin neighbors for over 40 years, with offices in Downtown Milwaukee, Southside Milwaukee, Waukesha, Mequon, and West Bend. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

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