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Car Accident Statistics: A One-Stop Safety Guide

By Keith Stachowiak on July 19, 2016 // Leave a Comment

MP_car-accident_blog.jpgSafety and accident prevention is on the mind of every parent and likely on your mind if you've recently been in a close-call or involved in a car accident.

So what can help improve safety and car accident prevention?
Understanding the data.

At Murphy & Prachthauser, we set out to create a one-stop resource for Wisconsin residents to learn about car accident data. This data can help you understand accident trends when it comes to weather, season and road conditions. This data can help keep you and your family safe, knowing what to be prepared for on Wisconsin roads.

You might think you know everything when it comes to driving:

  • Night driving is unsafe because of low visibility
  • Winter driving is hazardous in Wisconsin because of snow and ice
  • bicycle and pedestrian accidents are very rare

What if we told you, you were wrong?

Take a look at the prevalence of various car accident collisions types, including when and how to watch for deer. Learn about the safest times to be on the road -- the findings might surprise you!


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