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Back to School Legal Tips and Safety Tips for Bike and Car Owners

By Keith Stachowiak on September 5, 2017 // Leave a Comment

BacktoSchool_blog.jpgWith summer coming to an end and fall approaching, many of us have loved ones who are getting ready to go away to college for the first time. This can be an exciting time full of new experiences, but don’t let the fun and new friends distract you to the point of accidentally putting yourself in danger.

Our team has helped many college students and their families through difficult situations like car accidents and bicycle spills. To help keep yoruself and fellow students safe, here are our top tips for safe transportation to and from campus, by car or bike.

College Tips for Getting Around Safely by Bike

  • Make sure that you know the laws regarding where and how you can legally ride your bike.
  • Be sure to wear a helmet. (Click link to find our why wearing a helmet is a good idea)
  • Obey all traffic laws, particularly at intersections. And if you are from out of state or county, brush up the appropriate bike laws in your college area.
  • Get a U-bolt style of bike lock and make sure you attach it through both a wheel and the frame.
  • Register your bike with the university and local police.

College Tips for Getting Around Safety by Car

  • If you will be doing a lot of driving in an unfamiliar environment, take a few practice runs before your first week of classes. First, think about the area where your new campus is located. Are you moving into busy downtown Milwaukee to attend Marquette, UWM or MSOE? Or are you a commuting and doing a lot of country highway driving to and from Concordia, MATC or Alverno?
  • Make sure your car is in good working order. Don’t skip oil changes or other scheduled maintenance, and always make sure that you have enough gas in your tank to get where you are going, and back home or to a gas station.
  • Always roll up your windows and lock your car door. Don’t leave anything of value in your car that can easily be seen, and don’t leave credit cards, your wallet, or other important paperwork in your glove box.
  • Have your keys ready before you head to your car, dorm or apartment. Try to avoid parking in extremely dark or isolated areas.
  • If you think someone is following you, don’t drive home. Go to a police station, gas station, busy store, or other open business where you will not be alone and can get help.
  • Download our free Car, Truck & Motorcycle Accident Checklist designed specifically for your vehicle glove box. Use this checklist to help you should you be involved in, or witness, a car accident. If you are in a car accident, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you don’t need any help. Call the police, exchange information with the other driver, and see a doctor right away for any injuries.
  • Do you know how to change a spare tire? If not, now is the time to learn. Paying for a roadside assistance service that provides tire changing and towing services is alternative.
  • Make sure that all of your insurance policies are up to date. Check that you have adequate car insurance coverage (some insurance companies offer roadside assistance programs), as well as renter’s insurance to cover your possessions, including your bike.

Do you have any questions or safety tips to share? Let us know in the comments!

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