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Keith Stachowiak

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The Dangers of Paraquat: Should You File a Paraquat Lawsuit?

Paraquat has been used for many years by Wisconsin farmers to control weeds and grasses. But what are the dangers of using this powerful herbicide and do you have grounds for a paraquat lawsuit?

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Semi-Truck Accident Case: How to Determine Negligence

On average, semi-trucks traveling throughout Wisconsin are involved in nearly 6,000 crashes each year, many of which have created lifelong injuries and fatal tragedies to others. And although tractor-trailer operators must be licensed, undergo extensive training, and drive according to the "rules of the...

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What Is My Case Worth?

“What do you think my case is worth?”    

When a client first meets with their personal injury lawyer, this is one of the questions that is often asked. It is a very important consideration because money is the way that people who are injured due to the negligence of others are typically compensated....

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9 Things You Should Know About Wisconsin’s Dog Statute

Most people don't have Wisconsin’s Dog Statute memorized, nor is it high on their priority list. We've highlighted the 9 things all dog owners should know from Wisconsin’s Dog Statute in one quick and easy guide.

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Comprehensive Guide: Common Terminology in a Personal Injury Case in Wisconsin

If you or one of your loved ones are considering contacting a personal injury attorney, you are probably dealing with a difficult situation. Painful injuries, expensive bills, and worries about the future can leave you stressed out and confused. Even simple tasks can be hard under those circumstances,...

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Using Black Box Technology to Win Personal Injury Claims

If you were in an accident, what if there was a way to see exactly what your vehicle was doing in the seconds before and after the crash? If you had access to data showing how your vehicle speed changed, how hard your vehicle was hit, and braking patterns, it might help prove that you were not at fault...

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Personal Injury Workers’ Compensation and Third-Party Cases: What You Should Know

Wisconsin was one of the earliest adopters of workers’ compensation laws dating back to 1911. Workers’ compensation is like a no-fault system, meaning an injured worker can be compensated if the injury “arises out of” employment. Whether the employer did anything wrong or if the employer was negligent,...

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Proving a Slip and Fall Case: Photos, Surveillance Videos, & More

Numerous conditions can cause someone to slip and fall and result in injury. Conditions such as uneven pavement, improperly marked steps, folded-up floor mats, potholes, bad tiles or floors, or items left on the floor are a few examples. Slips can occur due to water on floors or ice on sidewalks or...

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The Truth About Insurance Adjuster Claims for Car Accidents

Not everything insurance adjusters say is false, however, the attorneys at Murphy & Prachthauser want you to remember that it’s the insurance adjuster’s job to pay as little as possible—or even no money at all—on your car accident case. Insurance adjusters do not have the same end-goal as you and it’s...

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