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Keith Stachowiak

Recent Posts

What Is My Case Worth?

“What do you think my case is worth?”    

When a client first meets with their personal injury lawyer, this is one of the questions that is often asked. It is a very important consideration because money is the way that people who are injured due to the negligence of others are typically compensated....

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Comprehensive Guide: Common Terminology in a Personal Injury Case in Wisconsin

If you or one of your loved ones are considering contacting a personal injury attorney, you are probably dealing with a difficult situation. Painful injuries, expensive bills, and worries about the future can leave you stressed out and confused. Even simple tasks can be hard under those circumstances,...

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Personal Injury Workers’ Compensation and Third-Party Cases: What You Should Know

Wisconsin was one of the earliest adopters of workers’ compensation laws dating back to 1911. Workers’ compensation is like a no-fault system, meaning an injured worker can be compensated if the injury “arises out of” employment. Whether the employer did anything wrong or if the employer was...

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Proving a Slip and Fall Case: Photos, Surveillance Videos, & More

Numerous conditions can cause someone to slip and fall and result in injury. Conditions such as uneven pavement, improperly marked steps, folded-up floor mats, potholes, bad tiles or floors, or items left on the floor are a few examples. Slips can occur due to water on floors or ice on sidewalks or...

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The Truth About Insurance Adjuster Claims for Car Accidents

Not everything insurance adjusters say is false, however, the attorneys at Murphy & Prachthauser want you to remember that it’s the insurance adjuster’s job to pay as little as possible—or even no money at all—on your car accident case. Insurance adjusters do not have the same end-goal as you and it’s...

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Crashworthiness in Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle collisions happen all the time and automobile manufacturers are required to provide certain safety features to help protect occupants in foreseeable crashes. When vehicles fail to protect occupants, manufacturers can be held liable in a crashworthiness case.

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Airbag Safety Issues: What Can Go Wrong With Airbags?

Theoretically, our cars should be designed to protect us during a crash. However, sometimes things can go wrong, and even our airbags - which were designed to keep us safe - can cause serious injury.

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Motorized Shopping Scooter Accidents Can Cause Serious Injuries

You’ve seen them in grocery and big-box stores – people shopping while riding a motorized shopping cart supplied by the store. While these scooters are great for those with mobility issues, they can endanger other shoppers.

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How Police Body Cam Footage Can Support A Car Accident Injury Claim

In the aftermath of a car accident, real-time statements, images of the scene, and witness accounts may be captured in the video footage of police body cameras or body cams. This valuable video documentation can be used by experienced car accident attorneys to help determine fault in a motor vehicle...

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