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7 Safety Tips for Swimming Pool Owners

By Keith Stachowiak on June 30, 2016 // Leave a Comment

pool-rules-can-reduce-liability-milwaukee-personal-injury-adviceOwning a pool comes with a lot of fun and great responsibility.

To protect yourself and your loved ones this summer, the team of Milwaukee personal injury lawyers at Murphy & Prachthauser have pulled together seven safety tips for swimming pools.

Take a look at our 7 safety tips for swimming pool owners to keep you, your family and your friends safe and enjoy the water this summer!

1. Never leave children in the pool unattended.

Supervising your children is the best way to prevent injury or drowning. Staying close to the pool and attentive when children are swimming ensures you can react quickly if a child is struggling in the pool.

2. Set ‘Pool Rules’.

Never going into the pool area without an adult, walking on the deck, diving only in areas where it is deep enough, and avoiding the pool drains are all good rules to have in place.


3. Keep the pool clean.

Visibility in the pool is important to reduce the risk of drowning. Aside from risks involved with drowning, children can also get sick from pools if they are not kept clean. For example, children can easily get earaches if the water is not properly maintained.

4. Put up a safety fence around your pool.

A fence about four feet high should be put up around your pool. The fence should be tall enough so a child cannot climb over it and it should not have any places a child could use as a foothold to climb over. The fence can prevent children from accidentally falling into the pool when playing outside as well as keep younger children away from the pool when you are not supervising.

5. Cover your pool when it is not being used.

Children can be tempted to go into the pool even though you instructed them that an adult must be present to use the pool. However, if a cover is in place and a child cannot remove the cover on her own, it may prevent the hazard. Pool covers also keep neighbors and other people from using your pool when you are not home.  


6. Keep a flotation device, such as a safety ring, on the deck near the pool.

If you have to jump in to help someone in the water, although you may be a great swimmer, it is much easier to help someone if you have a flotation device on hand. Safety rings are not too expensive and a good safeguard for your pool. Make sure to purchase one approved by the United States Coast Guard for the best safety devices.          

7. Take a CPR and first aid course.

Emergency situations can be stressful and can happen at any time. Having the knowledge of what to do and being prepared to use first aid, if necessary, can be the difference between life and death in the case of a drowning accident.

Which pool safety tips do you follow? Let us know in the comments!

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