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Courthouse Experience

Mr. Stachowiak continues fighting for his clients and expanding the law until he reaches the right result. As an accomplished and relentless advocate, he has taken four of his cases to the Wisconsin Supreme Court on his clients’ behalf:

  • Richards v. Badger Mutual (liability for common scheme or plan, aka aiding and abetting)
  • Orlowski v. State Farm (collateral source, which resulted in a 7-0 decision in favor of Ms. Orlowski)
  • Schinner v. West Bend Mutual (insurance coverage for injuries resulting from serving alcohol to an underage individual)
  • Brown v. Acuity (immunity arising out of a motor vehicle accident involving a volunteer firefighter)

He has also authored dozens of appellate briefs, including those for notable cases of Thomas v. Bickler, Hansen v. Crown Controls, and Hop v. Hoechst Celanese.

Mr. Stachowiak has also handled three pro bono appeals for individuals that won in the circuit court,  but needed appellate counsel they could not afford. 

  1. Mayer v. Kendl
  2. Duston v. Badger Lease 
  3. Layber v. Ziolkowski

Mr. Stachowiak earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, graduating in 1979 with a degree in Accounting. He passed the CPA examination in 1980 and graduated from Marquette University Law School in 1983, cum laude.


Born in Milwaukee, WI, Mr. Stachowiak moved to Franklin, WI, where he resides with his wife of 40 years. Mr. Stachowiak has two children, a daughter who tracks orthopedic outcomes for a regional health care provider, and a son who is a licensed architect. Both reside in the Milwaukee area.

Grade school education is a priority of Mr. Stachowiak's, and he has taken up this cause in his volunteer work. He was one of the three founding members of the St. Gerard Fund, a scholarship fund established in 1997 that has assisted families in paying for Catholic education in an area around his former school. It awards scholarships amounting to approximately $60,000 per year. He continues serving on the board of that organization and reviewing applications on a yearly basis.

He is the president of the Parkview Parochial League, an association of 27 area Catholic grade schools that offer basketball and volleyball programs. These programs focus on the educational value of these sports rather than winning at all costs. He also serves on the Archdiocese Athletic Advisory Committee. The goal is to teach the value of teamwork, dedication, personal consequences, and dozens of valuable life lessons.

Personal Comments

“Credibility is the key to success. There is a lot of distrust of the legal profession, and some of that is justified in my opinion by the actions of a few lawyers. However, I believe those involved in the legal system today are better at recognizing these misleading tactics and punishing those that practice them.

In addition to credibility, putting the interests of your clients first is equally important.”

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