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Milwaukee Train Accident Lawyer – Attorney

The train accident lawyers at Murphy & Prachthauser understand that people are seriously injured or killed when their vehicle is struck by a train. Our train accident lawyers have the experience and understanding of what can be very complicated when trying to hold a railroad company responsible for its negligence.

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics data showed there were over 9,000 accidents across the United States involving trains. At a railroad crossing, a railroad company and its train crew must use reasonable care to avoid injury to anyone traveling on highways crossed by the train tracks. Railroad crossing responsibilities are set, in part, by Wisconsin Statute 192.29. That statute requires trains crossing any roads in a city or village either have an operating gate, flagman, or sound their whistle continuously within 330 feet of the crossing. Outside of municipalities, the train must ring its bell continuously for 1,320 feet before the crossing until the crossing is reached. They must install and maintain cross buck yield signs on the highways. They must operate at a reasonable and prudent speed, considering whether they are operating in open country or urban areas. The obstructions to visibility to the track, the grade of the track, the amount of traffic on the highway, are all factors to consider if the railroad took adequate steps to protect motorists consistent with the requirements of public safety. It is important to get a train accident lawyer involved in investigating a train accident as soon as possible so all the facts related to the accident can be understood and the scene of the accident can be thoroughly analyzed.

The laws and regulation of railroads and railroad crossing accidents is considerably more complex than those governing car accidents. Hiring a train accident attorney who is familiar with the laws governing train accidents is important. If you would like a free evaluation of your train accident case, please call the train accident lawyers at Murphy & Prachthauser.

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