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Milwaukee Defective Drug Injury Lawyer – Attorney

In the rush to bring new products to market, manufacturers sometimes distribute their products before they have been properly tested or evaluated for safety. Sometimes manufacturers have their products approved using studies that were financed by themselves instead of an independent third party, and the results are biased. Drugs companies sometimes promise more from their drugs than they deliver. They sometimes have dangerous side effects that are inadequately disclosed to doctors and consumers. Many drugs have been removed from the market after evidence of dangerous side effects were brought to the attention of the Food and Drug Administration.

The drug injury lawyers at Murphy & Prachthauser understand that in these drug product cases, medical causation is typically the primary issue. There is usually no way to directly prove that a drug product produced a medical condition. Proof is usually circumstantial, looking at statistical studies to prove that the drug increases the likelihood of developing a certain condition when taken under certain circumstances.

Our Milwaukee defective drug injury lawyers have represented people who have made claims against the manufacturers of the prescription drugs Paxil, Vioxx, Baycoll, Bextra, and the diet drug Fen-Phen. With so many drugs entering the market each year and the marked increase in television and print advertising by drug manufacturers, it is more important than ever to understand what medications you are taking. If you feel you have been injured due to a defective or recalled drug, call the defective drug attorneys at Murphy & Prachthauser for a free consultation. You may be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer of this product.

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