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Our Personal Injury Clients Say It Best

“They were Honest and Straightforward.” - David

David Stefanik Final

David was walking across the street when he suffered a hit and run by a drunk driver.

“The whole process they were honest and straightforward and made me feel at ease. There was no worry that I was going to be represented unfairly.”

You can hear David’s full story and testimony by watching this video.

“A lot of folks will say that they care. And a lot of folks will say ‘we’ll do what’s best for you.’ But with Thadd and Keith and Michelle, it wasn’t just saying it, their actions and every step that they took really backed that up.” - Anna

Anna Rakowiecki Final

“I always felt like they laid out my options. They said things like, ‘You have to do what’s best for you.’ They never pressured me into going for a larger settlement. That’s what really told me that they were more concerned about me as their client.”

You can hear Anna’s full story and testimony by watching this video.

“I Knew They had My Best Interest at Heart.” - Jon

Jon Henkes Final

Following an accident, Jon and his wife began research law firms. “We wanted someone who had the experience to take us from beginning to end, with no shortcuts in between. And we found that in spades with this law firm.”

“These folks care about people in a deep and meaningful way.”

“They Treated [Me and My Wife] with Dignity, Respect, and Friendship.” - Russ

Russ Weber Final

Due to the negligence of a business owner, Russ’ wife suffered a shoulder injury and nerve damage.

“We had no idea how to go about being taken care of for that. But Murphy & Prachthauser knew the way.”

“Thadd got a resolution to our case that amazed my wife and I, to the point where we couldn’t believe that we walked out of there and our bills would be taken care of. We wouldn’t be set back monetarily in our early retirement, we were going to be okay. We thank them for that.”

"I Would Highly Recommend Them." - Joann

Joann Schwab Final

Joann was a deputy sheriff responding to a residential complaint. When she arrived at the front door she slipped on some ice and injured her knee. This injury ended her career in law enforcement and forced her to go on medical retirement.

“After my experience with Murphy & Prachthauser, I would highly recommend them in cases of personal injury.”

"With Murphy & Prachthauser I Never Felt Alone.” - David

David LaPerriere Final

David and his son were rear-ended on the interstate. With multiple cars involved the incident became very serious.

“I didn’t know what to do. Thankfully a friend of mine told me about Murphy & Prachthauser, and I made the call. And it was the best call I could have made.”


"Good, honest Milwaukee personal injury lawyers helped me after a major accident." - Bill

Good2C honest Milwaukee personal injury lawyers who helped me after a major accident

Bill suffered a debilitating injury in a construction accident. While in the intensive care unit, Bill's son selected M&P because they only take cases of merit. Bill can't thank the attorneys at M&P for all they've done and for being honest and caring people.


"Milwaukee car accident lawyers who took care of me and my family" - John

Milwaukee car accident lawyers who took care of me and my family
John, a Firefighter from Burlington, WI trusted the personal injury attorneys at Murphy & Prachthauser when he suffered a severe hand injury. John appreciated being treated like family and the outstanding communication.


"Milwaukee car accident lawyers helped me through a very stressful time." - Kate

Milwaukee car accident lawyers who helped me through a very stressful time


"Caring Milwaukee car accident lawyers who I now consider friends" - Diego

Caring Milwaukee car accident lawyers who I now consider friends

Diego was struck from behind by an out of control car, and suffered personal injuries. Diego was referred to M&P by a friend and was very impressed with the caring service he received, stating that he now thinks of Attorney Don Prachthauser as a friend.


“They really took the time to understand my case and understand my side of the story.”
- Rebecca

This video features a testimonial from Rebecca who was injured in a no-fault car accident. Personal Injury Attorney, Mark Baus, explains the course of action Murphy and Prachthauser took to ensure Rebecca was appropriately compensated.

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