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Milwaukee Dog Owners, Know Your Legal Rights

You are a lucky dog owner, and you love your pet. But based on a recent court ruling, your pet is no more valuable than any other household item. In fact, insurance companies go as far as to say, if it costs too much to fix, just get a new one.

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Dog Injured in a Car Accident - Insurance Questions Answered

Many of us consider our dogs as members of the family; we share our dinners with them, they sit with us on the sofa and they often accompany us in the car. But have you ever stopped to wonder what would happen if your dog was injured in a car accident? If your pet were injured in an accident as a...
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Taking Your Dog to the Festival This Weekend?

One of the best parts about summer time in Milwaukee is all the festivals. Locust Street Fest is this weekend on June 8. This one is near and dear to my heart because I have lived half a block from the Locust Street Fest grounds for nearly a decade, in Milwaukee’s

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Are Dogs a Runner’s Best Friend?

Everyone has heard the popular saying that a dog is man’s best friend. But, oftentimes a dog is not a runner’s best friend. One of our law clerks is a runner and after seeing the serious injuries dog bites have caused some of our clients, she has developed a fear of dogs. When she runs, she crosses to...

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Dog Bite Statute May Apply if Your Dog Causes Someone to Bite the Dust

Murphy & Prachthauser attorneys recently settled a case on behalf of a man who is an avid bicyclist. He suffered a severe injury when an unleashed dog ran onto a bicycle path. The man was startled and stopped suddenly to avoid the dog, causing him to fly off his bike, crashing onto the pavement.

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