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Its all fun until someone gets hurt – Part I - Product Liability

By Keith Stachowiak on January 19, 2011 // Leave a Comment

Rights of victims of defective products cut the January 2011 special legislative session in Madison includes a plethora of new laws that will limit or curtail the rights of individuals injured by the careless conduct of corporations. Included is immunity for product retailers, such as Wal Mart and Target, for injuries caused by the products they sell. Currently consumers who are injured by defective products such as defective designed baby cribs or poorly-manufactured strollers can hold the seller of those products responsible for those injuries. This insures that these retailers take care to make sure the products they put on their shelves are safe. The new law will now force a person injured by a defective product to identify and hold accountable only the manufacturer of the product. As we know, the majority of consumer products sold here are made in foreign countries, in many cases China or Indonesia. It is often an insurmountable task to locate and bring these foreign manufacturers of dangerous products to justice in American courts. This effectively leaves persons injured by defective products – no matter how poorly or dangerously they are designed or manufactured -- with no recourse.

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