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Milwaukee Personal Injury Attorney Explains the Proposed 'Cookie Law'

By Michelle Hockers on January 19, 2016 // Leave a Comment

milwaukee-personal-injury-advice.jpgDriving into work this morning, I was reminded of a recent law under review by this WUWM story "Farmers Challenge Wisconsin's Ban on Sale of Home Baked Goods.

As Milwaukee personal injury attorneys, we believe in providing valuable educational information to keep you informed -- especially when it comes to relevelant legal information that affects you and your community.

Here is a breakdown of this issue, and why it matters to you. 

Why The 'Cookie Law' Matters

In the state of Wisconsin, it is currently illegal to sell cookies or any other baked goods at home with only a few exceptions, like school and church bake sales. It is currently legal to sell jam, pickles or other canned goods, and some local farmers are pushing for the same rights to apply for baked goods. 

What the Law Proposes

A law was recently passed in the State Senate called the "cookie bill" and it's now in the hands of the Assembly. The proposed legislation would allow people to sell up to $7,500 of non-hazardous baked goods, every year. The sales would have to occur face–to-face, not door-to-door.

Arguments in Favor of the Current Law

Lobbyists state that they seek to uphold the law to focus on food safety; home kitchens are not controlled or regulated environments, and food safety becomes a concern because you can never be sure that baked goods are prepared properly and will not cause sickness. 

Pete Hanson with the Wisconsin Grocers Association, says "the concept of baking cookies at home and selling them at the farmers market is a lovely idea until you think about the cat that jumped from the litter box up on the counter and walked around before those cookies were put on the counter to cool."

Arguments Opposed to the Current Law

Many local farmers feel that law exists because lobbyists have pushed for it in order to reduce competition. “Most farmers like most small business owners have to pull together a lot of different income streams, especially in small towns to make the economics work,” Kriss Marion, Farmer.

What do you think about the 'cookie law'?

Here is a link to the full story: Farmers Challenge Wisconsin's Ban on Sale of Home Baked Goods.

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