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Is Juul Safer than Smoking Cigarettes?

By Keith Stachowiak on January 10, 2020 // Leave a Comment

JUUL podsThe notion that e-cigarettes, or more specifically JUUL, could be safer than standard paper tobacco cigarettes has circulated for some time.

JUUL even advertised itself as a safer alternative to cigarettes for a period of time and according to Tobacco Control, around a third of adult tobacco users who tried the product did so in an attempt to quit smoking paper products.

So is JUUL safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes?

There are a few facets to the answer. First, e-cigarettes have only been around for about a decade, and JUUL specifically has only been on the market for about four years, therefore, the long-term impact is unclear. Furthermore, tobacco smoking has been around for millennia, and medical professionals only began to recognize the long-term negative health effects in the 1950s and ‘60s.

As the American Cancer Society points out, “E-cigarettes are still fairly new and more research is needed over a longer period of time to know what the long-term effects may be. The most important points to know are that the long-term health effects of e-cigarettes are still unknown.”

However, there’s still plenty of data about the short-term health effects of JUUL.

The Real Health Impacts of JUUL

Here are the facts. There are real health complications involved in smoking cigarettes and e-cigarettes alike, and JUUL is no exception.

Adults or teens who turned to JUUL to beat their cigarette addiction may find themselves in a dangerous situation.

  • The American Cancer Society warns that JUUL may be more addictive than most e-cigarettes because it has twice the nicotine of standard e-cigarette brands.
  • Despite the lack of tobacco, one JUUL pod (about 200 puffs) still contains about 20 cigarettes’ worth of nicotine.
  • The lack of harsh smoke means e-cigarettes don’t irritate the lungs the same way standard cigarettes do, making it easier to smoke a high volume in a short period of time.
  • Cigarettes have been shown to raise the risk of heart disease, the most common cause of death in the world.
JUUL is safer than cigarettes

In 2019, The Stanford School of Medicine unveiled a study linking the flavoring material in JUUL pods and other e-cigarettes to an increased risk of heart disease, even in the absence of nicotine. The study also noted some flavors were more dangerous than others (cinnamon and menthol were the most dangerous flavors).

Another study from the American College of Cardiology found that adults who vape are “significantly more likely” to suffer from heart attacks, coronary artery disease, and depression.

Previous JUUL Claims of “Being Safer Than Cigarettes” Were Illegal

If you were under the impression that it was an accepted fact that JUUL is safer than cigarettes, you’re not alone. That’s because, for a period of time, the product was actually marketed that way, illegally, until the FDA stepped in.

To claim that JUUL is “safer than cigarettes” would make JUUL a modified risk tobacco product—which would require FDA approval. In JUUL’s case, this never happened because there was never substantial research or proof to support the claim.

JUUL and Minors

JUUL is especially dangerous for young people for a vast number of reasons. JUUL specifically contains a drastically higher level of nicotine than standard cigarettes and even other brands of e-cigarettes.

Moreover, according to the CDC, approximately two-thirds of JUUL users between the age of 15 and 25 aren’t aware that JUUL always contains nicotine. This is problematic because nicotine is especially harmful to the development of the brain—which doesn’t finish developing until age 25.

In 2018, the CDC found that 1 in 5 high school students used e-cigarettes (as did 1 in 20 middle school students). JUUL was the most-used vape by a wide margin and its sweet and fruity flavors are given much of the blame.

Teens often use them in school restrooms and even classrooms. They’re easy to use discreetly because the product doesn’t have a strong smell and looks like a flash drive with a USB port used for charging.

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