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Mark Baus

Recent Posts

Top 12 Waukesha Auto Body Repair Shops

We’ve all been there: a flat tire on the way to work, and unexpected fender bender on the highway or a car crash miles from home. You know you need your car repaired, or even an immediate tow service, but how do you find help in your area? You can rely on Google, Yelp, or countless other online...

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Can I Be Sued if Someone is Injured at My Home?

If you hire a contractor to work at your house, or you forget to salt your sidewalks in the winter, can you be sued if someone is injured on your property or in your home?

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Car Crash Victims Beware of the Quick Settlement Offer

After a long day at work, you’re in your car stopped at a red light less than a mile from home.  You’re wondering what’s going to be for dinner or who is going to take the kids to soccer practice when your body is jolted forward, snagged by your seat belt and flung violently back into your seat. Your...

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How A Lawyer Can Help After Work Accident: Case Study

Car accident injuries and workplace injuries are generally a once-in-a-lifetime scenario, but if it happens to you, wouldn't you like to know that there are reputable personal injury lawyers in Milwaukee ready and willing to support and guide you through a difficult time?

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Mike Dillett Memorial Scholarships To Be Awarded

Attorney Thadd Llaurado and other members of the Mike Dillett Memorial Scholarship Foundation will be awarding scholarships this spring to six New Berlin West High School senior soccer players.

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Understanding A Personal Injury Case From Start to Finish

If you were wrongfully injured, the process of hiring a personal injury attorney and preparing a case for trial may seem daunting. Not only that, understanding your legal rights, navigating through legal jargon and determining your role in the legal proceedings can be overwhelming.

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