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Milwaukee Nursing Home Injury Lawyer – Attorney

Nursing home operators have an obligation to exercise reasonable care to avoid injury to their patients, and the reasonableness of the care is assessed relative to the patient’s physical and mental condition. A nursing home has a responsibility to safeguard residents who, due to various physical and mental impairments, are unable to protect themselves. The Milwaukee nursing home lawyers at Murphy & Prachthauser aggressively pursue claims for injuries and damages arising from care given, or lack thereof, to nursing home residents.

When consulting with one of our nursing home lawyers, you will learn that a nursing home, or its owner, can be held liable for the negligence of its employees in taking care of its residents. To hold the operator negligent, it must be demonstrated: 1) that the nursing home’s employees breached a duty of care owed to the resident; 2) that the resident was injured by this breach. A nursing home may also be liable for not adequately staffing the home, for example, where overworked staff is not able to provide necessary care. Liability of the nursing home operator can also arise from negligent hiring and retention of employees, negligent maintenance of the premises, and negligent selection or maintenance of equipment.

We have represented many families whose loved ones have suffered from the inadequate care provided by the staff at nursing homes. In some instances, the patient had been assigned to the particular nursing home based on insurance considerations; in many instances, the family had done all they could to insure that their loved one would be given good care in the nursing home they chose. Recent cases have included several instances where the neglect and improper care for bed sores led to massive infection. We have successfully handled cases where nursing home residents sustained fractures following falls which occurred due to insufficient monitoring by the staff. In several cases, confused nursing home residents have come to be injured when inadequate alarms or door guards allowed them to wander into unsafe areas. Lack of access to readily available call bells resulted in the death of an Alzheimer’s patient. Another patient suffered a fractured hip falling from a shower chair due to lack of adequate supervision. In all cases, the nursing home resident suffered significant health setbacks, frequently even death.

The Milwaukee area nursing home lawyers of Murphy & Prachthauser would be happy to review the circumstances of the nursing home care provided to your family member. Contact our nursing home lawyers for a free review.

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