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JUUL Lawsuit Lawyers

JUUL Addiction Lawsuit Lawyers / Attorneys

If you’ve been using JUUL and have experienced addiction, hospitalization, lung damage, or other illnesses as a result of JUUL, you may be entitled to compensation with the help of Milwaukee’s top JUUL lawsuit lawyers.

Doctors have suspected the risk of JUUL addiction and lung damage related to JUUL and other e-cigarettes for some time, but consumers and the FDA are only recently beginning to draw hard conclusions about the side effects of vaping, resulting in lawsuits for many. We’ve gathered JUUL facts below.

Here’s everything you need to know about JUUL, the side effects, and who should consider a lawsuit.

What is JUUL?

Vaping has experienced a tsunami of popularity, and San Francisco based corporation JUUL is riding high at the front of the wave. JUUL was popularized thanks to the company’s aggressive social media marketing, which originally poised the product as a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes for those attempting to quit.

The reality is that JUUL was designed to appeal to minors and nicotine naive users, and JUUL leads to swift and severe addiction.

JUUL facts:

  • As of 2018, people ages 29 and below are more likely to vape than smoke traditional cigarettes.
  • The e-cigarette market is expected to be worth $86.43 billion by 2025.
  • JUUL currently holds more than 75% of shares in that market.
  • JUUL’s sales increased by more than 600% in 2017, when it sold more than 16 million units.

By 2018, when the FDA turned a critical eye on e-cigarette companies and JUUL shuttered its social media, it was already too late. The product had earned the social reputation as the “iPhone of vapes” and had become especially popular with the under 18 age group.

Despite the legality (you have to be 18 or older to buy a JUUL in most areas), a Truth Initiative survey found that 74% of people under 18 were able to purchase a JUUL unit at a physical location, and 52% were able to get a unit from a friend or family member. The FDA cited various flavors and the sleek design as factors that drew in youth consumers.

Is JUUL Safer Than Cigarettes?

While the company’s marketing would have you believe that JUUL is the healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes, it turns out that statement is far from the truth.

FACT: It can take only a day or two for a teenager or young adult to become addicted to JUUL.

On September 9, 2019, the FDA sent a letter to JUUL condemning its “safer than cigarettes” marketing platform, because there is currently no scientific evidence to prove that e-cigarettes are any safer than other tobacco products.

On the other hand, the FDA is just now beginning to catalog the dangers of vaping. A recent string of hospitalizations due to vape-related lung problems have surfaced, including severe addition to JUUL and several deaths. The FDA has opened a criminal investigation related to lung illnesses.

JUUL Side Effects

While JUUL isn’t scientifically proven to be safer than traditional cigarettes, there are many scientifically proven negative JUUL side effects.

The dangers of JUUL lie in the severe formation of addiction, which can negatively affect the developing brain of teenagers and young adults. These negative effects can result in life-long issues with addiction, emotional and behavioral disorders, and cognitive dysfunction.

A single JUUL pod contains an entire cigarette pack’s worth of nicotine, and teens often use several pods in one day -- this high level of exposure can lead to long term health consequences including severe nicotine addiction.

JUUL pods also hold higher levels of benzoic acid than other e-cigarettes, which can lead to nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, sore throat, and coughing.

JUUL lawsuit blogSmoking JUUL can also increase your risk for these conditions:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Heart attack or heart problems
  • Lung or respiratory failure
  • Mental health or behavior issues
  • Nicotine poisoning
  • Pregnancy complication or birth defects
  • Seizures
  • Suicidal thoughts or attempts
  • Stroke
  • Other complications

Why Should Parents Be Concerned About JUUL?

The Journal of Physiology - Neuroscience published an article that studied the effects of nicotine on the adolescent brain. The study debunked the long-term premise that prolonged use of nicotine is needed for dependence and addiction to be established.

With JUUL products, dependence can be established with only one or two experiences with vaping. Even brief exposure to a low dose of nicotine can produce lasting change in the adolescent brain.

JUUL products and nicotine negatively affect the limbic system of teenagers and young adults. The limbic system controls cognition and emotional behavior. It is actively maturing during adolescence, and as a result, it is uniquely vulnerable to long-term modification by nicotine.

JUUL knowingly advertised a harmful product to teenagers with the goal to make JUUL look fun, cool, and trendy. This form of advertising and product labeling were deceitful, not defining the severe risk of addiction or other cognitive risks associated with even a few uses of the vaping product.

If an adolescent member of your family has become addicted to JUUL, you need the help of an attorney right away. Contact our team of Wisconsin personal injury lawyers to learn how we can help you get compensated and help your loved ones.

Why Should Teenagers Be Concerned About JUUL?

As a teen or young adult, you have been an unknowing and unwilling target of social media and influencer advertising of a dangerous product.

As a result, you may have tried JUUL and developed a severe addiction to a product containing high levels of nicotine. Nicotine is especially harmful to the developing brains of teenagers and young adults, and you have the right to a lawsuit against JUUL or other vaping products.

Recent studies have indicated that even brief exposure to a low dose of nicotine can produce severe addiction, health issues and hospitalization, and a lasting change in your brain.

If you currently vape or use JUUL you should stop immediately and seek the help of a lawyer. Smoking during adolescence increases the risk of developing psychiatric disorders and cognitive impairment later in life.

Even a single day of nicotine may have potentially severe negative consequences for teen addiction and cognition.

If you are a teenager or young adult who started vaping or using JUUL, you may have the right to compensation with the help of a lawyer. It only takes two minutes to fill out a short online form and a lawyer on our team will contact you directly.

Why Should You Consider a JUUL Lawsuit?

Individuals, including teens with no previous smoking experiences, that were led to believe that JUUL was “better than smoking” or “a safer alternative to smoking” are finding themselves addicted to JUUL and are now suffering serious health issues.

Individuals who are fighting addiction and life-threatening health effects associated with JUUL are currently filing JUUL lawsuits to receive compensation for the damages that they have incurred as a result of JUUL’s negligence and false marketing.

The manufacturer failed to warn about JUUL dangers, and now thousands of youth, adults, and individuals trying to quit smoking are suffering the consequences for JUUL’s actions. If you have suffered an injury because of JUUL, you may be eligible to participate in a JUUL lawsuit or e-cigarette lawsuit.

Who Is Eligible to File a JUUL Lawsuit or E-Cigarette Lawsuit?

Wondering if you’re eligible to file a JUUL or e-cigarette lawsuit? Check out the requirements below.

The first category of cases against JUUL involves nicotine addiction attributed to JUUL, in which the client used JUUL before turning 26 years old. Documented treatment for nicotine addiction through counseling, a medical doctor, or nicotine cessation products can improve your chances for compensation -- but it’s not required.

Some factors exclude you from eligibility, including:

  • If you used nicotine products at least once a day before your use of JUUL products;
  • The use of illegal drugs (or prescription drugs without a prescription) except cannabis before your use of JUUL;
  • Daily or weekly use of cannabis before the use of JUUL.

Did You Suffer Physical Injury as a Result of Using JUUL?

If you were younger than 35 at the time of the injury and have obtained medical treatment in connection with the claimed personal injuries, you may be eligible for settlement or compensation. Hospitalization can improve your JUUL lawsuit but is not required.

Physical injuries include, but are not limited to:

  • Nicotine poisoning
  • Seizures
  • Strokes
  • Heart attacks
  • Other heart problems
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Lung/respiratory problems
  • Mental health/behavior problems
  • Suicide or suicidal thoughts/attempts
  • Complications during pregnancy
  • Birth defects

Also, note that the use of nicotine products after becoming addicted to nicotine through JUUL is not an excluding factor.

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