What does my car insurance cover if I get paid to drive someone or deliver something?

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A friend asks you to deliver something using your car and agrees to compensate you for your time and gas. You agree and are involved in an accident. Will your insurance cover you if a claim is made against you by the other driver? Maybe not. Most private auto insurance policies have language that attempts […]

What Should I do After a Slip and Fall?

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            What Should I do after a slip and fall? Contact a medical provider to help with any injuries Alert the property owner about the fall Locate any witnesses and ask for names and phone numbers Look for the cause of the fall Use your phone to take pictures of […]

Do I have to be inside my car to use my uninsured motorist insurance for an accident?

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You do not have to be inside your car in order to be considered an “occupant” of the vehicle when the vehicle is hit. This issue typically arises in an uninsured motorist (UM) or underinsured motorist (UIM) claim. In Sentry Ins. Co. v. Providence Washington Ins. Co.,

Laparoscopic Surgery and Uterine Cancer

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In April 2014, the FDA issued a safety communication  regarding the spread of uterine cancer after having laparoscopic surgery performed with a power morcellator. Power morcellators are surgical instruments

Defective Takata Air-Bags May Cause Injury or Death

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Airbags are supposed to be an important safety feature in every vehicle. However, recently several airbags have caused more harm to vehicle occupants than protection.

Attorney Tea Norfolk Joins the Murphy & Prachthauser Team

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Murphy & Prachthauser is proud to announce the addition of the newest attorney to the firm, Tea Norfolk. Ms. Norfolk began her career at Murphy & Prachthauser as a law student. After two years of excellent work with the firm, Ms. Norfolk graduated cum laude from Marquette University Law School in May of 2014 and […]

Talcum Powder Use and Ovarian Cancer?

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Many of us think of talcum powder as a white powder that is safe enough to use on a baby’s bottom. That may not be the case when it comes to certain uses,

Newer Law Limits the Ability of Injured People to Recover on Medical Malpractice Claims

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This summer, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has run a series of investigative reports on the challenges faced by those who have been affected by medical malpractice. A 2011 bill that was signed into law by Gov. Scott Walker  has placed an additional significant hurdle on proving these cases.  Among the limits in the 2011 law is […]

Questions you may be asked by a Milwaukee Car Accident Lawyer about your recent car accident

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Prospective clients who have been in a car accident and are seeking to lawyer to handle their case may wonder what information an attorney will need in that initial meeting. These are generally the topics that will be covered.   General Information questions: What was the date of the car accident? What is your date […]

Two More Recent Wisconsin Bike Federation Bills That Help Bicyclists

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This summer, the Wisconsin Bike Federation was successful in having Governor Walker sign two bills that help bicyclists: The Vulnerable User Bill  and Assembly Bill 730. These bills and other bicycle-friendly legislation help bolster Wisconsin’s reputation