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Milwaukee Personal Injury Attorney Keith Stachowiak

Trial Practice
Mr. Stachowiak’s practice focuses primarily on serious personal injury cases caused by unsafe premises, defective products, motor vehicle accidents, and other forms of negligent conduct. He has represented clients throughout Wisconsin. He is admitted to practice before all of the courts of Wisconsin, including the U.S. District Courts for the Eastern and Western District of Wisconsin. In addition, he has been involved in cases successfully tried through verdict in California, Nevada, and Utah.

Professional Activities & Honors
Mr. Stachowiak is an active member of the American Association of Justice, State Bar of Wisconsin, and Wisconsin Association of Justice. He has also lectured and authored articles for presentation at continuing legal education seminars sponsored by the Wisconsin Association of Justice and is the author of the chapter in a State Bar of Wisconsin book entitled “Wisconsin Trial Practice.” He is listed in the Martindale Registry of Preeminent Lawyers as having the highest ratings awarded by that group. He has been awarded a Superlawyer designation for Personal Injury since 2011.

Mr. Stachowiak continues fighting for his clients and expanding the law until he reaches the right result. As an accomplished and relentless advocate, he has taken four of his cases to the Wisconsin Supreme Court on his clients’ behalf:

He has also authored dozens of appellate briefs, including those for notable cases of Thomas v. Bickler, Hansen v. Crown Controls, and Hop v. Hoechst Celanese Corporation. He has handled pro bono appeals in Dustin v. Badger Lease and Mayer v. Kendl.

Mr. Stachowiak earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, graduating in 1979 with a degree in Accounting. He passed the CPA examination in 1980. He graduated from Marquette University Law School in 1983, cum laude.

Mr. Stachowiak was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on July 4, 1957. He currently resides in Franklin, Wisconsin, with his wife of 35 years.

Personal Interests
Volunteering time and effort is important to Mr. Stachowiak. He serves on the board administering the St. Gerard Fund, a scholarship program for families with children in several area Catholic Schools. He is on the executive committee of the Parkview Parochial League, an association of 23 area Catholic grade schools. He is a past president of his church’s parish council, former grade school athletic director, and former president of a 180-member homeowner’s association in Franklin.

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Articles Written by Keith Stachowiak

    Newer Law Limits the Ability of Injured People to Recover on Medical Malpractice Claims

    This summer, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has run a series of investigative reports on the challenges faced by those who have been affected by medical malpractice. A 2011 bill that was signed into law by Gov. Scott Walker  has placed an additional significant hurdle on proving these cases.  Among the limits in the 2011 law is the ability of injured people to even look at any incident report written by a healthcare provider.

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    What Should You Do After a Bike Accident

    what to do after a bike accidentWhat Should You Do After a
    Bike Accident?
    P  Pull your bike out of traffic
    R  Request medical attention
    E  Ensure someone has called the
    Snap a few pictures of the scene,
    your injuries, and your bike
    T  Try to exchange information with
    the driver and any witnesses
    A Ask Murphy & Prachthauser for
    more help

    Just remember PRESTA and you’ll
    know what to do!

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    Tort Statistics in Milwaukee May Surprise You

    Have you ever been injured? Do you know someone who has been injured? After the accident/injury, did anybody tell you that you should sue? Did anyone tell you to sue so you could win millions of dollars at trial? While this is the common misconception of how tort law and trials work, it is not realistic to expect to be able to sue someone every time you are injured. In addition, it relatively uncommon for a case to go to trial.

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    Riverwest 24 Hour Bike Race and the Three Foot Rule in Wisconsin -

    Gear up for a full day of biking fun!

    Riverwest 24 is only a few days away. If you live in Riverwest, you’re probably busy preparing for or participating in the big event. If you’re not from the Riverwest area or don’t know where the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee is located, you may not have heard of this annual bike ride.

    The Riverwest 24 is a celebration

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    Where can you lawfully ride your bike in Wisconsin? Discussion of Bike Lanes.

    You tuned up your bike, have all of your gear ready, and are ready to go for a bike ride. One thing you have probably never considered is where biking is permissible. You always ride on roads or trails. I would like to discuss some of the rights and responsibilities or bicyclists on different types of road and trails.

    As vehicles, bicyclists have every right to ride on the road. In fact, in some areas the road is the only permissible place for a bicyclist to ride. However, in other areas local governments have designated specific bicycle ways and bicycle paths for the exclusive use of bicycle traffic.

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    Wisconsin Immunity Statutes Provide a Blockade to Persons Injured Storming the Bastille

    Over two hundred years ago, on July 14, 1789, the French stormed the Bastille prison and began the French Revolution. To commemorate this historic event, Milwaukee is celebrating its 33rd annual Bastille Days from July 10 through July 13. The festival has a French theme and offers activities for people of all ages.

    Bastille Days features live entertainment, wine tastings, kids’ activities on Saturday,

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    Fun with Fireworks on the Fourth of July can have Explosive Consequences

    Independence Day is almost here. The Fourth of July holiday is filled with parades, festivals, picnics, and of course fireworks. As you’ve probably noticed, stands selling fireworks have popped up along the highway and even grocery stores are selling sparklers in preparation for the festivities. Before you light off a firework, you should think about safety for yourself and for others.
    Everybody knows fireworks are dangerous and can cause property damage and injury to people. Most people take caution when lighting off fireworks to make sure that the area is clear and that nobody will get hurt. But, accidents happen, and that is where protecting yourself and others through insurance comes into play.

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    Injured at Milwaukee Summerfest or a Wisconsin Church Festival? You may not be able to sue the operator for their negligence due to Wisconsin’s Recreational Immunity Law.

    It’s summertime in Milwaukee, which means people from across the state, country, and even the world are traveling to visit the wide array of music, cultural, religious, and ethnic festivals the city has to offer. As patrons enjoy the food and festival atmosphere, most rarely take time to think about the possibility of injury, or more specifically, options when an injury occurs. Since most events, such as Summerfest, are hosted by non-profit organizations, the injured party may not have a claim if the injury arises out of a “recreational activity.”

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    What is the value of my personal injury claim?

    Oftentimes when meeting a client for the first time, he or she generally asks what his or her case is worth. With over 30 years of experience, I still cannot give an exact answer. Each case involves a unique individual who has been injured and different factors come into play. The ultimate value of a case is determined by a jury of 12 people after hearing all the evidence. As attorneys, we try to determine a range or estimate of what a jury may do, based on prior experience in similar cases with similar injuries. Each case, however, has unique details that factor into a damages calculation.

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    Animal Bites in Wisconsin: Different Treatment for Snoopy than Garfield the cat?

    According to statistics from the Humane Society, approximately 39% of families in the United States own at least one dog and 33% of families own at least one cat. Pets have become an important part of many families across the country. However, pet ownership comes with responsibility. If a pet bites or injures another person, the owner may be responsible. In Wisconsin, liability depends on the type of pet.

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    Do I have insurance for my bicycle?

    With the biking season kicking into full gear, it is a good time to consider what insurance would apply if your was in a bicycle accident, or if your bike was damaged or stolen.

    If you ask an attorney what you think is a simple question about the law, it is likely that the attorney will give you the same answer regardless of the question, “It Depends.” You would likely get this answer if you asked an attorney, “Do I have insurance for my bicycle?” The answer to this question depends on the circumstances of each specific case. In an attempt to inform you of how you and your bicycle are protected, we will identify the potential coverage for injuries in various situations.

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    Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury – As easy as One, Two, Three

    1. The statute of limitations is three years for personal injury cases.

    According to Wisconsin Statute Section 893.54 the statute of limitations for a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit is three years. As cited in Hansen v. A.H. Robins, Inc., 113 Wis. 2d 550, 554, 335 N.W.2d 578, 580 (1983), the statute of limitations begins running when the injury is accrued. The court said, “Basically, there are three points in time when a tort claim may be said to accrue: (1) when negligence occurs, (2) when a resulting injury is sustained, and (3) when the injury is discovered.”

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    Injured by a drunk driver? Can a car accident lawyer help?

    In any vehicle accident involving an impaired, drunk or intoxicated driver, the potential for punitive damages must be examined. In Wisconsin, the standard or proof that must be demonstrated by a person seeking punitive damages acted in an intentional disregard of the rights of the plaintiff. See, Wis. Stat. § 895.85.(2011-2012).

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    Murphy & Prachthauser Case Makes State Bar “Top 9 Recent Wisconsin Supreme Court Decisions”

    Beginning a new year is not only a time to look forward to new opportunities, but also a time to reflect on the accomplishments of the previous year. In 2013 we continued to diligently represent our clients, successfully achieving favorable verdicts and settlements. In addition, our attorneys have also been recognized both regionally and nationally with accomplishments such as Attorney Don Prachthauser’s induction into the International Academy of Trial Lawyers, Attorney Thadd Llaurado’s

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    How much does it cost to retain a personal injury attorney?

    Have you been injured? Are you thinking about hiring a personal injury attorney? Are you worried about how much it may cost to hire a lawyer?

    After an injury, many people with valid claims do not seek legal representation for fear of the potential cost of hiring an attorney. Before letting cost deter you from finding an attorney, it may be helpful to know more about how attorneys are paid for their services.

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