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Legal Search Engines (back to top)

Yahoo’s Law – search engine tailored to researching various legal areas.
FindLaw – Lawcrawler – search engine containing various legal web databases.
Meta-Index for U.S. Legal Research – searchable database of judicial opinions, legislation, federal regulations, and other legal resources.

Safety Groups (back to top)

American National Standards Institute – provides ANSI members and customers with access to national and international standards activities.
National Safety Council – educates public about current safety, health and environmental issues.

Science, Health & Medical Sites (back to top)

Medical College of Wisconsin – contains news, announcements, clinical resources and references, academic information, other and related links.
University of Wisconsin Medical School – contains information about school, health guide, other sites, biomedical and research resources, publications and U.W. and Wisconsin web sites.
National Library of Medicine – locate health and medical data, MEDLINE, HIV/AIDS resources, and various other NLM publications, fact sheets and reports.
National Research Council - contains information regarding education, agriculture, behavioral and social sciences, computer sciences, engineering, environment and earth sciences, life sciences, medicine and health, physical sciences and mathematics.
National Institutes of Health – contains information related to health and science, including press releases, special reports, CancerNet, AIDS information, clinical alerts, the Women’s Health Initiative, and on-line library catalogs and journals.
PubMed – the National Library of Medicine’s biomedical journal containing literature and articles in life sciences with a concentration of biomedicine.
New England Journal of Medicine – contains medical and health-related articles and information.

Legal Sites (back to top)

Findlaw – contains information regarding law schools, law reviews, CLE news, employment data, legal associations, experts, laws, cases, state laws, U.S.
Internet Legal Resource Guide – contains references, associations, organizations, CLE resources, expert testimony & consultants, international index, publications, legal forms, topical index of legal resources, government resources index, law school rankings, etc.
FedWorld Information Network – federal information from over fifty agencies, ordering services, federal jobs data, access to information systems, FAA documents, recent reports for all agencies, etc.

Informational Sites (back to top)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel On-line – news and information from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel home page.
TotalNEWS – contains news from Fox, MSNBC, CNN, CBS, USA Today, ABC, National Public Radio, Yahoo News, The Nando Times, and Time Daily.
Travelocity – travel site for reservations, destinations, flight information including best fares, car rentals, cruise and hotel information and a lot more.

Bar Groups (back to top)

State Bar of Wisconsin – contains information regarding the State Bar of Wisconsin, legal resources and directories, and educational material.
American Bar Association – contains information regarding the American Bar Association, news, books, meetings and educational material.
Milwaukee Bar Association – contains information regarding the Milwaukee Bar Association, news, legal resources, and educational material.
Dane County Bar Association – contains information regarding the Dane County Bar Association, events, and educational material.

Wisconsin Government (back to top)

Official State of Wisconsin Government Web Site – official website of the State of Wisconsin.

City of Madison – official website of the city of Madison.
City of Milwaukee – official website of the city of Milwaukee.
Milwaukee County – official website of Milwaukee County.
Ozaukee County – official website of Ozaukee County.
Waukesha County – official website of Waukesha County.

Wisconsin State Legislature – contains information for bill tracking to check text of Acts and proposals, has publications, e-mail addresses, statutes, and links.
Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development – contains data including job stats, education services, worker’s compensation information, etc.
Codes and Ordinances – links to nearly two hundred Wisconsin city and county codes and ordinances.
Office of the Governor – links to executive orders, speeches and appointments of the governor.

State of Wisconsin Sites (back to top)

Wisconsin Cities, Towns, and Villages – alphabetical list of links to Wisconsin Cities, Towns, and Villages.
State of Wisconsin – links to state agencies, the court system, the legislature, federal and local government sites, as well as tourism, education, etc. This page includes the following links:

Department of Transportation – official site of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.
Department of Workforce Development – official site of the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.
Commissioner of Insurance – official site of the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance.

WISBAR – Local Court Rules Menu – contains Wisconsin Circuit Court and other judicial rules.
WISBAR – Legal Resources – contains links to state and federal legal resources.
WISBAR – Supreme Court Research – contains advanced search engine for Supreme Court information.
WISBAR – Court of Appeals Research – contains advanced search engine for Court of Appeals information.

State of Wisconsin Court System Sites (back to top)

Wisconsin Court System – official site of the Wisconsin Court System containing a self-help center, state law library, and other legal resources.
Supreme Court of Wisconsin - find decisions of the Supreme Court of Wisconsin beginning in 1995.
Wisconsin Court of Appeals – find decisions of the Wisconsin Court of Appeals beginning in 1995.
Legal Explorer – a tool to aid in navigating Wisconsin’s legal system.
Employment Relations – search through Employment Relations decisions.

Wisconsin Administrative Law Sources (back to top)

List of Wisconsin State Agencies – alphabetical listing of Wisconsin government agencies, boards, commissions and departments.
Opinions of the Attorney General of the State of Wisconsin searchable database of opinions from 1982 – present.
Wisconsin Administrative Code and Register – Revisor of Statutes Bureau
Wisconsin Labor and Industry Review Commission – LIRC Decisions - The Wisconsin Labor and Industry Review Commission is an independent administrative agency that decides appeals in cases involving Unemployment Insurance (UI), Worker’s Compensation (WC), and Equal Rights (ER).

LIRC Equal Rights - contains a selection of Equal Rights decisions
LIRC Unemployment - contains a selection of Unemployment decisions.
LIRC Worker’s Compensation - contains a selection of Worker’s Compensation decisions.

Wisconsin Tax Appeals Commission Decisions – decisions from 1999 to the present from the Wisconsin State Bar Association.

U.S. Government Sites (back to top)

The Library of Congress – online research tool with news, events, information, and services from the Library of Congress.
Department of Transportation – newsletters, travel tips, procurement info and data from sub-groups including the Federal Aviation, Highway, Railroad, and Transit Administrations, the National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration and U.S. Coast Guard.
Dept. of Health and Human Services – helpful consumer information, news, policy material and search capabilities.
Patent and Trademark Office – contains U.S. and International legal material, ability to search patents, PTO fees and forms, related sites, trademark registration and Copyright Office.
Environmental Protection Agency – environmental information for everyone including kids, students and teachers, concerned citizens, researchers & scientists, business, and industry.
Food and Drug Administration – news regarding foods, drugs, medical devices, cosmetics, etc.

Federal Courts (back to top)

U.S. Supreme Court – official site of the United States Supreme Court.
Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit- official site of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.
Western District of Wisconsin
- official site of the U.S. Court, Western District of Wisconsin.
Eastern District of Wisconsin – official site of the U.S. Court, Eastern District of Wisconsin.

United States Government Agencies (back to top)

OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration – contains news, links, and OSHA information.
NHTSA – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – contains links and information from the United States Department of Transportation.
NTSB – National Transportation Safety Board – contains links and information regarding transportation safety.
U.S. House of Representatives – contains information from the U.S. House of Representatives.
Code of Federal Regulations
search federal regulations from the Federal Register.
U.S. Food and Drug Administration – official site of the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Professional Organizations and Periodicals (back to top)

Law News Network – contains legal news and information.
ATLA – Association of Trial Lawyers of America – contains legal news and information from the Association of Trial Lawyers of America.
American Arbitration Association – contains legal news and information from the American Arbitration Association.
Court TV
contains legal news and information.
Wisconsin Academy of Trial Lawyers - contains legal news and information from the Wisconsin Academy of Trial Lawyers.

Law Schools (back to top)

University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School – official site of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School.

University of Wisconsin Law Library- contains additional legal resources.

Marquette University Law School – official site of Marquette University Law School.

Marquette University Law Library – contains additional legal resources.

Legal Search Tools – Vendors (back to top)

Westlaw (Online Services) – online legal resource available through a subscription to Westlaw.
Lexis Publishing – online legal resource available through a subscription to Lexis.

Other Web Sites (back to top)

Wal-Mart Survivor – – online site of a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public about the dangers inherent in the shopping experience.